IVF & Sex

IVF & Sex

Let’s talk about 𝐒𝐄𝐗⁣⁣

“So awkward, right ? ⁣⁣
IVF and SEX go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding.⁣⁣
Before I go off, let me state that I love my husband, I find him irresistible. During IVF, David Beckham could walk by and I’d still be dry as a bone. First of all, the hormones make you a little psychotic add a little nausea in there with a headache. The bloating is so bad you feel like the good year blimp. For some reason this mixture isn’t making me want to throw my legs in the air and make love. Plus, if you’re new to IVF like I was, you have been doing it like rabbits for a very long time, so I’m going to let my coochie rest. The other part, we’re paying an arm and a leg and I want NOTHING disrupting anything going on upstairs. Plus, being intimate is mental for me. After I just went to the doctor & got the dildo cam jammed up me, got a needle in my arm for a blood draw, cried all day then had to come home and put yoga pants on because my jeans don’t fit…. I’m not really feelin’ that sexy, ya know? Don’t feel bad if sex isn’t you’re thing during IVF. You you’re a hot mess and you feel like someone hit you with a semi from all the side effects of the meds. If you’re not having a lot of sex during IVF, you’re not alone sista!” ⁣⁣

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