Erin’s IVF Cost Breakdown

Erin’s IVF Cost Breakdown

“So many of you have been asking about cost. To be honest it’s so different for everyone! Every state, country and clinic is different. Prices also vary per individual based on how much medication you require and or how long you need to be on any hormone etc. Price also varies if you need additional testing, monitoring etc. Basically what I’m writing below is MY expense for one cycle.
But with that said, I wanted to share a basic break down of MY ivf cycle and what those costs could look like (what they looked like for me). Note I didn’t have insurance help on anything other than one pelvic and brain MRI I had to get done last year. (Thanks Dr Quaas for the general breakdown of line items)
In general the components of the cost are:
– Monitoring (ultrasounds / blood tests) 💰
– egg retrieval (including costs of anesthesia)💰
– laboratory fees: ICSI procedure, embryo culture, assisted hatching, embryo biopsy etc💰
– Costs of PGT-A testing it desired (this is often a fee charged by an outside lab that performs the testing)💰
…$3,000 (usually dependent on how many embryos you send)
– costs of the frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle 💰
-hysteroscopy and biopsy 💰
-preservation of embryos 💰

Total cost without medications:
– medications (more costly if a patient is on a high dose protocol + adjuvants as needed)💰:
Menopur- $87/vial
Progesterone – $18/vial
Estrogen – $110/vial
Estradiol patches – $80
Endometrin – $530/box
Frozen Embryo storage. – 41.67/month
So that’s MY basic breakdown. Again everyone’s process is different and thus costs will vary, but I thought it would be helpful and eye opening to share. It’s so important to spread awareness and hopefully one day see insurance helping us out!”

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